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What can it do for your brand?

The answer to this is: “a lot”. And the best part is that this solution can do customized to fit your main KPIs and help you with that.

  • Brand engagement like nothing else. We talk hours here.
  • New permissions and valuable data that can be used in other channels.
  • Drive people to stores and make them buy more when they are there.
  • Recruit members to brand related programs like loyalty clubs.
  • Open up for location based offers.
  • Create a new mobile communication channel.
  • Create a revenue stream that will pay for future updates.
  • Give your partners / suppliers an advertising space.
  • Create a bridge between other channels.
  • Get access to newz customers from the users who are already on our platform.
  • Fun and generosity. Make people have a great time and give them something in return.


min. of engagement per user.

  • Branded Game.
  • Branded Voucher Shop.
  • Platform Users.
  • Marketing Support.
  • Technical Support.
  • Customer Support.


  • Reskinning Budget.
  • Owned media.
  • Paid Media Budget.
  • Vouchers.


  • Branding with huge engagement.
  • ROI - This piece of content will pay itself back through in-app purchases.
  • Reach new potential customers.
  • Data & Permissions.
  • New Marketing Channel.
  • Drive to Shop mechanism.

How it works.

You’ll get a branded casual game wrapped in a gamified version of your branded universe with lots of interaction, sound, animation and storytelling. The game is connected to a branded voucher shop where the users who play the game can claim vouchers in exchange for the time they spend playing. Your part of the deal is to add vouchers to the voucher shop and market the game towards your audience. But that’s not all! We’ll also help produce marketing material, take care of customer support and integrate with your platforms if needed.

Free to play.

The games are free to play but contains in-app purchases for the users who wants to buy new lives, boosters etc. Revenue that we use for maintenance and updates. Low maintenance costs means low risk, so the only thing you need to care about is how to get installs through paid, earned and owned media and what kind of products you want to have in your own voucher shop. We’ll handle the rest. Pretty simple and straightforward.

In-app purchases

In-app sponsorships

Drive to shop

Video Ads

Sounds fun? Let’s get in touch!

Nicolai Elmqvist +45 29 44 41 08