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Privacy Policy.



This Privacy Policy and consent describes how Pointvoucher (hereinafter referred to as ”Pointvoucher” or ”we” ) collects and processes your personal information when you create a user profile (hereafter referred to as "User") in Pointvoucher games (hereinafter referred to as the ”Game” ). Further, it describes the consent you give to Pointvoucher to process your personal information.


When we collect personal information from you or about you from a third-party, the data controller regarding such collected personal information is:

WR Services ApS
Moelbakvej 5
DK-8520 Lystrup
VAT reg. no.: 36898623


It is possible to create a User and log-in via your Facebook account. It is, however, not a requirement to be able to play a Pointvoucher game.

You must be at least 18 years old to create a Pointvoucher profile. If you are not 18+ you are not allowed to create a profile and cannot earn voucher points. You are welcome to play all of the Pointvoucher games without creating a profile.


In case you choose to create a User, you consent to us collecting your relevant personal information from your Facebook profile. Depending on the personal information you have chosen to provide to Facebook, this can be information regarding: e-mail address, name, birthday, gender and country. If you have not provided this information to Facebook, you will be asked to fill out the aforementioned personal information later in the registration process. You will always be required to provide us with your e-mail address.

Additionally, you will be requested to permit "Post to Facebook", which gives you the option to invite your Facebook connections to the Game and "Ask for new lives" from them in the Game. To facilitate this, information regarding your Facebook connections will be collected. The information will be used solely for the purpose of being able to use the invite function in the Game and will not be stored with Pointvoucher.

We use the above mentioned personal information for handling your relation with Pointvoucher and the partners of Pointvoucher, including for handling the issuing of vouchers based on you playing the Game and also for providing you with targeted advertising, including newsletters.

When you are using a Game via your User, we collect information on your progress in the Game, points (which, depending on the Game, may have different names) you have obtained in the Game, and how long time you have been actively playing the Game. We collect such information from all games provided by Pointvoucher which you log in to and keep track of which Game the information relates to. This information is necessary for us to fulfil our agreement with you when you use the Game and for calculating vouchers which you may redeem.

We also collect technical information about make, version, internet protocol address, browser type, version and language of the hardware or software you use to access our Game or our website; information on how you use our Game or website, which include how many clicks you make, which pages you visit in which order and for how long, and the time and data of such use. We also collect information on referring and exit webpages. We use such information to improve our website and Game, to make error corrections and to tailor games to you, as well as to enhance the quality of the support we provide to you.

Further, we collect information about your account status with Pointvoucher, i.e. when you redeem vouchers for your points, and for which of our partners you obtain vouchers. We use such information for handling your relation with Pointvoucher and the partners of Pointvoucher and to improve the selection of vouchers, as well as for handling your account of points and redeemed vouchers.

We also collect information regarding which consents you have given.


If you are using a game which is specific to a partner of Pointvoucher e.g. this may be an amusement park or a retail chain, we forward some of the personal information which we have gathered about you to such partner. Such information is information about your consent to this privacy policy and general terms and conditions, and information regarding your e-mail address, name, birthday, gender and country.

When having received such personal information from us, the recipient is the data controller for the information received from us, and Pointvoucher no longer has any control of such information.


We will store the personal information which we gather from you for as long as you have a relationship with Pointvoucher, that is, at least for as long as you use one of our games.

If your User is terminated - whether by you or by Pointvoucher - we will delete all of your personal information. If you try to log in after your information has been deleted, you will need to create a new User.


You are entitled to obtaining information from us about which personal information about you we are processing ("right of access"), for which purposes, to which recipients we forward your information, the retention time and the information we have on the sources for such information. If you ask for it, you will get a copy of the information which we process about you. At your request, the copy can be in a machine-readable electronic format (”right of data portability”).

If you discover that any of the information which we are processing about you is incorrect, you have the right to ask us to correct such information (”right of rectification”).

You are at all times entitled to withdraw your consent to us processing your information (”right to withdraw consent”). If you withdraw your consent, we will delete your User or anonymize the information, and you will no longer be able to enjoy all the functionalities of the Game, and we will no longer be able to identify you. If at such time, when you withdraw your consent, you have a positive points account, i.e. points which could have been redeemed as a voucher, such points will be lost. We encourage you to redeem all points prior to withdrawing your consent.

You may at any time object to us making use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes, and you may lodge a complaint with the relevant national supervisory authority.

When you contact us regarding your right of rectification, your right to withdraw consent, your right to object, or if you wish to make a legal claim against us, you may ask us to restrict the processing of your personal information to only being stored. Such restriction of processing will be lifted on your request when we have meet or rejected your request.

To the extent reasonably possible, we will inform the recipients, to which we have forwarded your personal information, about your withdrawal of consent and any request for rectification or restriction of processing which we have meet.

When contacting us regarding any of your rights above, you should be prepared to identify yourself, e.g. by sending the request from the e-mail address which we have registered. We may make further requirements regarding your identification in order for us to be certain about your identity prior to reviewing your request.


In order to protect your personal information against loss and from unauthorised processing or access, Pointvoucher has set up and agreed with its data processors that appropriate technical and organisational security measures are in place. Pointvoucher will always try to secure your personal information as can be reasonably expected, but cannot guarantee, however, that your information will always be safe.


If we make any changes to this Privacy Policy, you will be asked to agree to the amended version of the Privacy Policy, including the consents described therein, the next time you access the Game through your User.

If you do not agree to the amended version of the Privacy Policy, you will not be able to play the Game anymore through your User, and you will not be able to access your User.


When creating a User in a Pointvoucher Game, you are specifically asked to consent to this Privacy Policy and the terms herein, including by giving your consent as described in these terms.

If you do not consent to the Privacy Policy, you will not be able to play the Game anymore through your User, and you will not be able to access your User.

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