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Redeem at europcar.co.uk and enter promo code at the start of your search.

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January 7, 2019
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UK 20% discount offer available for reservations placed on europcar.co.uk using the promo code supplied. Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or contractual rate. Discount offer may not be available on all dates from all locations. The offer applies to Europcar’s standard daily base rate (‘the reference price’) that is obtained by using the same selection criteria (e.g. dates, pick-up and drop off destinations, vehicle group, length of hire etc) on the homepage of europcar.co.uk website on the day the reservation is made.   The rate displayed and made available from this promotional page includes the  discount reduction percentage (as stated above) which is calculated on the basis of the reference price. The rate displayed when using the promo code supplied includes the up to 20% discount. Discount offer does not apply to any of the recommended extras or recommended protections. All other Rental Terms and Conditions apply. Subject to availability and driver qualification. The standard Terms and Conditions of Hire will apply to the rental. Europcar reserves the right to end this promotion without notice. Terms & conditions There are (500) Vouchers available. Each Voucher (also known as the ‘Voucher*) consist of 1 (20% OFF UK HIRE). Each Voucher has a game value of (5000 VOUCHER POINTS), which has a monetary value of (£). The Voucher is personal and can only be used/redeemed by the user who claimed the Voucher in Pointvoucher’s voucher shops. The Voucher cannot be exchanged to its monetary value and it is not allowed to be resold. In the attempt to resell the Voucher, the Voucher will be revoked and the points used to claim the Voucher will be lost. To claim the voucher, you will have to claim this using the points you have earned playing one of our games. The Voucher can be redeemed until (07/1-2019). The Voucher cannot be returned and your points cannot be reinstated on your Pointvoucher account. Only users living in the UK can claim and receive this Voucher. This is due to Pointvoucher not shipping any physical products outside the UK. The Voucher is provided by Pointvoucher. Pointvoucher strives to keep information and content updated and correct at all times, but can not guarantee that it will always be flawless and complete. Therefore, Pointvoucher reserves the right for print errors or errors associated with the Voucher. Further reservations are made for changes in assortment and sold out items. Pointvoucher can not be held responsible for errors on the Internet or failure to receive requests. Pointvoucher has the right to change the voucher conditions or stop the offer of the voucher without notice, if found necessary. In this case, Pointvoucher also has the right not to ship the voucher and affected users will thus be asked to choose a new product in the voucher store of equivalent value.
Europcar has over 250 locations across the UK and a wide choice of vehicles to suit your needs. Plus vehicles are fully covered by 24 hour roadside assistance at no extra cost as well as a damage liability and theft waiver for added peace of mind on long journeys. The actual discount varies by the rental dates and location. Discount offer may not be available on all dates from all location Read "Where to redeem" and "Terms & Conditions" for more information.
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