50% off Luggage Hero booking
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38d 11h 53m
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1 pr.person
Where to redeem

Once you have claimed the voucher (exchanging your points for voucher), you will be able to find and redeem your voucher in "My Account". The code will be revealed after clicking "Redeem voucher" and will be visible for only 30min, so make sure to be ready to use it.

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Voucher expiry date
March 1, 2019
Terms & Conditions
The voucher gives the right to 50% discount on any listed price on that particular day the booking is made. The voucher must be submitted together with payment details. The voucher is only valid for 1-time use and cannot be used in combination with any other vouchers.
We let you place your luggage in a certified local shop for a few hours or days making luggage storage easier and cheap. Pick up your luggage anytime and pay only for the hours used. Book risk-free. Drop off your luggage on arrival or departure day to make the most out of your trip. Read "Where to redeem" and "Terms & Conditions" for more information.